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by Peter Moskos

September 30, 2015

Schoolcraft gets $600K

Adrian Schoolcraft wanted money and he got it, according to the Post.

Here's my take from May and June and August, 2010.

Schoolcraft wasn't the first to point out that the NYPD was under intense (and illegal) quota pressure. He's just, as I wrote,
The only one, in my humble opinion, who has tried to martyr himself and turn number fudging into a tidy personal $50 million profit. He and his father have tried twice before to sue police departments for money. Maybe the third time is the charm.
It was.


David Woycechowsky said...

What the department did to Schoolcraft was much worse than what Schoolcraft did to the department. $600K seems about right to me, perhaps a sconce low. Wonder what they would have said to an offer of one dollar plus Schoolcraft's legal fees, but with an admission of wrongdoing. IIRC, we agree that the most blameworthy person in the whole sordid story is the doctor.

john mosby said...

He might have made more money by going along with being EDP'd. He could have said "You're right - I'm crazy - the job did it to me," then gone out on the medical for what, 66 2/3 %? Much more money in the long run....

(and I mean 'said' as shorthand for 'responding the right way to the doctors so they diagnose him accordingly' - obviously, if you say you're crazy, you're not - kind of like if you say you can't breathe....)


That Fuzzy Bastard said...

The only way to stop criminals is to penalize them. I'm only sorry the city had to pay the money, instead of making the kidnappers, liars, and bums of the department brass pay it out of their own pockets.