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by Peter Moskos

September 28, 2015

Violent crime steady in 2014

As I suspected (and hoped) crime was not up last year. Of course it was up some places (and thus down in others). What a country we live in: we can send a man to the moon and don't know how many people were murdered in 2014 until late September, 2015.

When the 2015 figures come out in a year and show a 2 percent increase in homicides, mark my words: people are going to scream about skyrocketing crime. I mean, people in NYC have been screaming for skyrocketing crime (yes, I "for" as well as "about") since, well, De Blasio (about 2 years now). Imagine the crescendo if crime were actually go up nationwide. Gee, I wonder if some will blame Obama?

From the Crime Report: "Murders, which are the most accurately reported crime, decreased .5 percent last year to 14,249, the FBI said. The total was a drop of nearly 15 percent from the 2005 national count."

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