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by Peter Moskos

November 25, 2015

Five black protesters shot by white supremacists in Minneapolis

Shouldn't this be bigger news? This is shocking (at least to me). Sure, "all of the gunshot wounds are non-life-threatening." OK... but... that doesn't make it OK. I don't get it. Do we not care just because, I don't know, white people be crazy? Imagine the outcry had the shooters been Muslim. Or black.


Denko said...

The Black Lives Matter folks are asserting that they're white supremacists and a lot of context may be left out of BLM's narrative, which makes the incident sound like an unprovoked hate crime. Perhaps it is. But I would be careful of accepting BLM's characterization until we've seen what's on the video.

Moskos said...

Sure I'll take their narrative with a grain of salt. But unless they shot themselves, which isn't *impossible* but is seriously unlikely, what kind of possible narrative wouldn't make this horrible and disturbing?

William Young said...

Seems like some video as surfaced. The narrate defending the shooters seems to be: the white group was filming the protest from a across the street. They were approached and surrounded by a group of BLM protestors. The BLM were telling them to take off their masks. A few of the BLM crowd started throwing punches. The white group started trying to get away. The crowd started chasing them. A few broke off when they thought the guys had a gun. But a few kept chasing the white guys around the corner and they opened and fired at the chasers.

Here is a video from two witnesses telling the story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVgpfvwNEwg

Here is another video showing the crowd gathering around the white group, and what appears to maybe be some punches thrown: http://www.twincitiesnewstalk.com/media/play/video-taken-from-4th-precinct-112315-26535401/

Moskos said...

Thanks for the links!

There's something very ironic about anybody vaguely associated with #BlackLivesMatters to be complaining about being filmed in public.

That said, I still see nothing even close to anything that would justify shooting five people. You go to protest, armed, and looking for trouble? And you shoot five people? Then you're the bad guy.

Moskos said...

Also, the description you give seems eerily similar to Trayvon Martin being chased by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman shot Martin and a lot of the [white] public defended Zimmerman. Here, it seems the same people say that he is being chased, once again the white, is in the right. [I'm not saying you're saying this, to be clear]

I'd also be curious to know if the white guys were legally carrying.

William Young said...

Well the video cuts out when they are being chased, so it is hard to tell exactly how justified or not the shooting might have been. If they were indeed running away, and chased around the block by five or more people, and were outnumbered and did not think they could get away, would it have been better if they were unarmed and thus would have gotten the crap beat out of them, and maybe ended up in the hospital with broken ribs and chipped teeth? How are you distinguishing between "looking for trouble" and "prepared for trouble"? They were filming from the other side of the street and the BLM folk approached, surrounded them, and threw the first punches. Not sure how that makes the guys filming the bad guys.

Kyle said...

Yeah, this case is exactly like the Zimmerman case. Someone attacks someone who is armed, gets shot. Right?

Andrew Laurence said...

We don't care because white supremacy is not an odd footnote in American society. It is the bedrock of American society. And just so there's no confusion, this white guy isn't at all
happy about that.

sglover said...

This article contains a video which is said to show one of these poor, victimized citizen journalists a few days before the shooting:


It's really, really hard to believe that Scarsella, at least, was **not** looking for trouble. (In that way he's a lot like Zimmerman. And both of them found what they were looking for.