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by Peter Moskos

November 5, 2015

Meanwhile, in Brazil

In New York City, police have killed 281 people over the past 10 years. Meanwhile, a friend just gave me this a fun tidbit, in Rio de Janeiro (which is smaller than NYC) over the past ten years police have killed 8,466 people! That's crazy. That means that every day police kill 2.3 people in that city. Just think of the normalized bureaucracy that must surround that. The only other place that might come close is Jamaica. And maybe parts of India. I don't know.

79 percent of those killed in Rio are black, however they define it.
De acordo com relatório lançado em agosto deste ano pela Anistia Internacional, 8.466 pessoas foram mortas pela Polícia Militar do Rio de Janeiro nos últimos dez anos. Dessas mortes, 99,5% envolviam homens, dos quais 79% eram negros e 75% tinham de 15 a 29 anos.


N&M said...

If you haven't seen the movie Tropa de Elite do so right now. It is a cracking yarn about bad ass Brazilian military police and the bourgeois foolishness about "nonviolent" drug criminals. It is awesome. It would make Bernie Sanders cry.

Moskos said...

I remember seeing the preview. Never did see it, though.

IrishPirate said...

2010 sequel "Elite Squad: The Enemy Within" on Netflix and Hulu.

Solid movies.