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by Peter Moskos

December 16, 2015

Hung Jury in Porter trial

Hung on all four counts. That is not what I expected. I expected acquittal on the major charges, and perhaps a hung jury on the minor charge of "misconduct." But no conviction is still a big setback to the prosecution.

What does this mean? Since I'm no legal expert, best to turn to those who understand these issues. Here's Richard Thornburgh, former Attorney General, being interviewed by Ali G's:
Thornburgh: All bets are off. They have to try him again. Hung jury.

Ali G: But surely da size of their dongs, whether they is hung or not, won't affect their judgement.

Thornburgh: Well, uh, I don’t see the connection.

Ali G: You was saying dat if you was hung, you know, if all the jury members...

Thornburgh: No! That’s a figure of speech. A figure of speech. A hung jury is one that can't agree. It has nothing to do with the physical characteristics.

Ali G: So it ain't like 15 blokes that is like well packing down there?

Thornburgh: No, I’m sorry I should have make that clear.


David Woycechowsky said...

Going to Baltimore Friday, but no plans to protest.

Moskos said...

Eat a crab cake.