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by Peter Moskos

October 4, 2016

Dejuan Yourse Arrest

For the life of me, I can't figure what Yourse is going to be charged with. Even with the game rigged in cops' favor, I don't see a crime. Yourse is under arrest after 9:10 when the officer doesn't take kindly to Yourse invited his friends over. I can understand why the officer doesn't want a posse of friends showing up at the scene, but what's the crime? This was in Greensboro, NC.

I'd be curious to see how he'd be able to articulate reasonable suspicion at 8:13. I'm not saying he couldn't; it's a low standard. But I'd like to see how. That's when things go South. Before that moment, everybody is playing along and sticking to the script. Poking a guy rarely serves any tactical benefit. Alternative if you don't want him to leave? Hold your palm out. If you're going to make physical contact, let the suspect initiate it. Also then you're in a better position to push back or grab.

After that, it becomes your standard shit show of trying to get a guy's hands behind his back. First he is resisting arrest. But then even when he isn't, it would seem like that because he's so built that his arms don't physically move in a way that can be cuffed (without double cuffs). Anyway, resisting arrest is a charge, but first you actually to be arrested for a crime before you can be charged with resisting. The standard catch-alls -- loitering, failure to obey, disorderly -- none of those even seem to apply here.

Anyway, word on the street (ie: a journalist told me) is that the officers resigned. I'm not going to defend how the male officer handled this. He sure could have benefited from de-escalation or common sense. I mean, as long as he doesn't come back wanted, I'm pretty convinced he's not breaking into the house. Too bad she wasn't handling this with him running the warrant check. But why in the world would she resign? Unless the lied on her report or something.

Also, once again, you have cops serving as force multipliers, forced into a situation by a call from an ignorant and/or racist citizen. That happens a lot. But it may not be the case here.

My wife just told me that Yourse actually was wanted on some warrant, but the cops didn't know that yet when the arrested Yourse. According an attorney for the Greensboro Police Association:
Once Mr. Yourse was taken into custody, the officers were able to continue attempting to verify his identity. Upon doing so, it was learned that Mr. Yourse had two active warrants for his arrest, along with two additional orders for his arrest [?]. Additionally, they discovered that Mr. Yourse had been charged twice in the past for breaking into his mother's house, 2 Mistywood Ct.


bacchys said...

The Police Association account doesn't match the video.

Peter Moskos said...

It was written by a lawyer defending one side. So yeah, take it with a big grain of salt.

Otis Blue said...

I'm not sure why the male officer got so pissed off when Yourse exclaims through the phone that the police are harassing him. Clearly that is where the call went from deserving only a locker room recounting to being discussed on a random blog by random people. If a guy wants to talk on the phone and piss and moan, he's not actively trying to assault me or get away. If this were in a big apartment complex, I would buy the "recruiting reinforcements" more, but from what I saw in this video that wasn't the case here. The male officer acted individually without requesting his cover help; that tells me this was not a formulated plan, just a guy reaching his limit and lashing out, poorly. Yourse was definitely hinky, but that was a crappy way of dealing with the call.

Unknown said...

Exactly, i think he was probably trying to get in the house with that shovel, but not with malicious intent. Id be willing to bet he went to prison for a robbery related charge, that would explain why he knows how to do that, however like i said he was probably locked out and was gonna use some of his old "skills" to get in. But to his dismay a neighbor who didnt recognize him called the police BECAUSE he was black (i bet if he was white and dressed in nice clothes it wouldnt have been such an issue) the cops show up and all of the sudden hes thinking up lies because he knows telling a cop "i tried to open the garage door,because im locked out" sounds suspect as fuck, but as a result the cop can hear his lies and he still seems suspect, more bad luck ensues and his mom wont pick up. Eventually he gets pissed off and scared cause he feels like hes gonna go to jail again for no reason, so he starts giving the cop attitude, calls his friends(or whoever) to clear the shit up, and he said something stupid . All in all i think the cop deserves to have his badge stripped because he had no reason to get physical and the whole "you were calling your homedogz to come shoot me" excuse is invalid and just a rationlization because the cops knows he fucked up. The cop had no reason to get physical with Dejuan Yourse. And thats how the justice system should recognize it.-Cal Bailey

Chris Prestridge said...

" who didnt recognize him called the police BECAUSE he was black (i bet if he was white and dressed in nice clothes it wouldnt have been such an issue)" Not sure where this statement comes from, it is speculation at best. I have called the police for a near identical situation several years ago and yes, the perp was white and dressed normally. I called b/c I knew the family that lived there was black. Perhpas, instead of jumping to an extreme conclusions as to why someone called we should apply the situation to ourselves and what we would do. COnsidering this seems to be a nice community it is just as likely, if not more likely the person calling did not know the individual using the shovel even though they likely knew the family was black.

Seems to me, and most people I know, racism in the manner most think of it, is more of an imagination than reality today. Aside from the proverbial statement of 'racism still exist', (of course it does and always will, so does rape and murder but we don't harp on it as a cause of everything bad)many in society appear to want racism to be the cause of any event that is not positive. Making the statement someone called BECAUSE the guy is black does nothing more than keep alive a meme that simply does not exist in the manner implied with the statement.

tokoshop said...

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JPP said...

I just watched the NPR video of this with you and others commenting. That was a pretty good learning tool.