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by Peter Moskos

November 19, 2019

Academic Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

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My department at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the Department of Law, Police Science, and Criminal Justice Administration (LPS), has officially posted for three new full-time LPS positions. One of the lines is for a tenure-track assistant professor. Two of the lines are for full-time lecturer ( which is CCE, or the equivalent of tenure track).

Law and Police Science has not hired full-time faculty in many years, so to have three lines at once is very exciting and great news for the department. The job posting will remain open until the end of the year. The hiring will happen in the Spring, and the positions are to begin in the Fall of 2020.

To access them and apply in the CUNY System, go to: https://www.cuny.edu/employment/. Then click on "Search Job Postings," "Faculty," and look for ID# 21420 and 21421.

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