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by Peter Moskos

February 17, 2008

Criminal Justice Journalists

One of the best resources to stay on top of current police and criminal-justice news is a daily email from Criminal Justice Journalists. They're not exactly a secret, but most people don't know about it and everybody should.

Bookmark them or give them your email and they'll send you one e-mail every weekday (and nothing else and no spam). You get the headline from various stories and beneath that the first paragraph and a link to the full story. It's an essential part of my day, and not just because it gives the illusion I read every paper in the country.

Here's a sample of the headlines from Friday:

February 15, 2008
In This Issue
-- Prison Student Kills Six, Himself, At Northern Illinois University
-- Student Group Presses To Allow Self-Defense Guns On Campus
-- WA Crime Lab Director Quits After Charges Of Sloppy Work, Fraud
-- Houston To Offer $12,000 Cadet Bonus; Union Critical
-- Big Medical Group Seeks End Of Federal Marijuana Ban
-- Austin Sheriff Criticized For Letting Feds Set Up Office In Jail
-- N.C. Leaders Seek Funds To Pay For Sex Assault Victim Tests
-- Minneapolis Newspaper Finds 83 Sealed U.S. Criminal Court Cases
-- New Orleans Mayor Criticizes Media Over Gun Photo
-- Utah Police Seek To Block Public Access To Disciplinary Files
-- TV-Decency Group Protests CBS Show On Killer Forensic Expert
-- St. Louis-Area Chief Accused Of Deleting Database Arrest Record

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