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by Peter Moskos

April 21, 2008

Another Taser death

A good man I know only from the comments section of blogs (I really need to get a life... but I like writing about this things), send me this link. He's right, I don't like Tasers.

He notes: "Firstly, we don't call it non-lethal but less lethal. Second, the cops asked him to stop and he had bouncer help too."

I agree. This man should not be dead. He should be in handcuffs. And I could have done it myself.


Anonymous said...

Any instance when you could see a valid use of Taser?

Considering, Pepper spray, ASP and PR24s could kill and aided EDP or perp also.

To many a cop and bouncer punching and fighting a belligerent drunk might "look" more cruel. With fists.

Anonymous said...

You could have cuffed him by yourself? Wow, good for you, I am not a little guy, but I think this would have been a bit hard considering the bouncer, friends and cops had a little trouble.

Myself and a few other cops would have gotten him cuffed, but it would not have looked pretty. ALone would be hard holding him and cuffing him.

BTW... To all those cops wrting and bitching about your one year, they should read the book, I did. It was very good.

PCM said...

I wouldn't want to cuff that guy alone. I'm just saying that I would get it done. Hopefully with backup.

I think Taser's are useful in situations where lethal force may be justified, but isn't yet needed. Take a crazy guy with a knife standing around threatening nobody and everybody. It's godo to disarm a threat. It's not good to use as a compliance tool.

I hate to sound like a pussy, but I wasn't trained to fight with my fists. I liked my billy club. If I'm going in, I'm going in with a straight baton. If other people are doing the fighting, then I'll concentrate on getting the cuffs on as quickly as possible. That's always got to be the end goal.