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by Peter Moskos

April 23, 2008

Hate mail (2.4)

The latest from my conservative friend:
Prof Moskos;

Lets get real. Legalize drugs? Just look at alcohol. 21 years olds buy it give it to younger friends, who give it to even younger friends and now we have many 12 year old alcoholics in this country. Multiply that with narcotic addiction and see what the fabric of this country looks like then. Who will be trainable to fly the F22 raptor? Some coke head like Obama..... And lets be realistic.. What is so bad about drug dealers killing each other..?

As far as I'm concerned that is a win-win situation.

Now to your premise about liberals not ruining Police Depts.... In the past Baltimore had one of the best Homicide squads in the Nation. Their clearance rate was over 90%.

Then came the downfall " Affirmative Action" every liberals dream.

Good street smart homicide detectives were unceremoniously removed from homicide and put back in uniform. They were replaced with rookie, black, officers with little or no experience, just to appease the Gods of P.C.

Now the clearance rate is somewhere around 40% and homicides are up.

Please explain how this liberal move has made Baltimore a safer place to live.

Baltimore now has a new nickname which is known all over the East coast: " The City that Bleeds".

When I was a kid in the 40's and 50's you could sleep in Patterson Park on hot nights.

Try it now... if you dare....

Again about education. I have a daughter-in-law with a masters my son had 3 years college, and my family is conservative. Mostly because of family values and the fact that my son and his wife went to a Moderate school. There were no Ward Churchills teaching there. I myself have some credits from a community college. I am not against education, I am against educators brainwashing students to be little socialists.

Kruschev once said "we will destroy you from within". That destruction starts with biased education.
Mark DeRosa Sgt ( ret) Balto P D


Anonymous said...

This is what policing in our society can do to people. Blame the liberals and the dopers, but never dare to criticize the people that really wield the power. I pity the Sgt.. I know a number of guys that express similar sentiments. It could happen to any of us that witness the death, stupidity and waste on a daily basis. Some days, I think its happening to me.

Once optimistic, caring recruits can begin to accept the on-going genocide in cities like Baltimore. Death, taxes, young black kids killing each other over turf crack or "respect." Inevitable right? In a better society, even a tough job like policing would not cause people to rationalize this slaughter. When murder becomes this routine in a country, citizens begin to shed more and more of their humanity.

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty interesting exchange. It's so rare that people with such dramatically different politics can actually talk to each other. I'm hoping that the back-and-forth continues long enough for each of you to get past the sound bites and actually get to a real discussion. If you do get there, though, I think you might end up having to repeat some of the stuff that you've written in your book.

I notice you haven't included your answer this time; I'd be curious to see it.

BTW - thanks for your thoughtful response to my last comment.