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by Peter Moskos

April 29, 2008

Officer Pete says (rule 29):

Police officers don’t go to work wanting to shoot somebody.


Anonymous said...

You're right that few cops go to work thinking about shooting someone. But police use excessive force happens frequently in America, often with little consequences.

Anonymous said...

If you're going to take on Moskos, you might want to bring more than platitudes to the table. The point that the professor continues to drive home is that systemic issues in policing, most notably the drug war and the pro-arrest culture, are the true problem here. Activists like Al Sharpton or the well-to-do white "anarchists" that run your local Indy Media outlet won't be terribly interested in Peter's work because they are looking for red meat, not long-term solutions or nuanced discussion. If anti-police bigotry and conspiracy theories are your taste, you might consider trolling on another blog. P.S. Read the book!

PCM said...

Damn! Hell yeah! Like he said! Thanks for watching my back, Hummels.

Anonymous said...

My pleasure. Tru dat!