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by Peter Moskos

April 30, 2008

Police "kill Colombian drug lord"

These kind of headlines, this one from the BBC, always crack me up... and make me sad. Why? Do you feel safer? This guy's death won't mean shit. Some other drug lord will take his place. I nominate his second-in-command.

I mean, really... Does anybody think that killing some bad guy is going to win the global war on drugs?

We got rid of Noriega. Think of all those "cartels" we broke up in Colombia. We get drug lords all the time. We got millions in prison. We invaded Afghanistan! Keep up the fight! Another victory! But it doesn't matter. This is so 1984. Why won't we win? Because--as Chris Rock so eloquently puts it--people wanna get high.

Drug users don't support terrorism. The War on Drugs supports terrorists. Shame on us.

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