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by Peter Moskos

May 3, 2008

Officer Pete says (rule 26):

Just because you "got a job" doesn’t mean I won’t arrest you.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read your book, both because I teach editing and live a block north of Patterson Park. (By the way, you asked in one of your posts how your Amazon number can go up after your booked as been recalled; I think it's the seller's market through Amazon. That's where I bought mine yesterday, errors and all.)

PCM said...

Thanks, jennifer.

You ever been to Roman's bar on the unit block of S. Decker? Best crab soup in Baltimore, sez me.

Anonymous said...

You know I haven't been there. I don't think I've ever even noticed a bar at that corner. The unit block of N. Decker has so much construction going on that it's all one notices over there. (The Patterson Park Community Development Corp. has renovated/rebuilt that block as environmental row houses. The houses go for about 300,000. Times have changed since you were here I bet!)

PCM said...

The unit blocks of Decker were becoming very ghetto when I was there. I'm glad things are looking up.

Roman’s Place isn’t on the corner, but a few doors South, on an alley. West side of the Street.

Roman's Place. Run by Roman. Crab cakes made by an elderly lady who lived the block (who sadly may no longer be with us). They had really good cole slaw too. I once asked what the secret ingredient was in their the good cole slaw. "Sugar." I miss Baltimore.

When I lived there it was still big news when homes near Canton sold for more than $100,000.

Around 2003, my dear landlady sold the place I lived in on the 4900 block of Eastern Ave for something pitifully small like $55,000.