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by Peter Moskos

May 7, 2008

Philadelphia PD shame

Philadelphia cops pulled three men out of a car and beat the crap out of them. For about 30 seconds. I find it inexcusable. I’m sure these guys who were beat are not good people. And no, I don’t know the whole story. But I can’t imagine any scenario where it’s these beatings are justified.

What were they thinking? They were pumped on adrenaline. There was a shooting. A cop had been killed two days earlier. They surely felt these guys “deserved” a thumping. But that doesn’t make it right. Just because you want to beat somebody--just because perhaps they even deserve a good beating--doesn't make you should. Some of these cops might have been very good police. And now their careers are over.

Even worse, the guys who were beat will get big bucks from the city, thanks to the stupid actions of a dozen cops.


Tony said...

that's one of the ironies that bothers me the most; guys who are probably scum bags get a big payday because emotions got out of control and good (probably) cops sunk to the level of the thugs they chase...

Anonymous said...

thats why everyday i look in the mirror and pray to god i dont stoop to that level