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by Peter Moskos

July 1, 2008

Man kills burglars

A man in Texas killed two men who had burglarized his neighbor's property. A grand jury decided not to indict the killer.

In general, I don't have much sympathy who criminals who get killed in the act of committing a serious crime. But this case pushes the limit because the guy wasn't protecting his life or his property, he called 911 and the dispatcher told him to say inside, and the criminals weren't any threat to him. Best I can tell, the man went out and shot two guys (illegal immigrants) because they had robbed his neighbors.

If a cop had done it, he or she would certainly be indicted. I don't think this killing was right. I think it's murder. And yet, I don't want anybody to be convicted for shooting burglars. I can't quite explain this contradiction in my beliefs.


Anonymous said...

You have the facts correct. On an interesting note, they played the 911 call on local radio here in Houston and the shooter was aware of a law change and made sure the dispatcher knew it as well. This is just one more thing that makes me confident that I live in the most backward state in the country.

PCM said...

I couldn't find a recording of the 911 call to listen to, so I didn't want to comment on details of the conversation I wasn't sure of. But I also read that the man said, "I'm going to kill them!" And then he did.

Yeah... for his sake, I'm happy he lives in Texas.

DJK said...

It sounds to me like he was a bit outside of the law on this one...

But, at least it sends a clear message to the scum of TX....don't be breaking into houses cuz you might just get got.

I think that's a pretty good message.

DJK said...


This happens to touch on my previous point.

Anonymous said...

When I heard the media report that Horn shot two illegal immigrants, I knew this case would be fodder for the populist right and/or rednecks. Then I looked at the article and saw Quanell X. Just freakin' great. Has he used the "long hot summer" line yet to scare all the white folk? Amazing how nationalists of all hues glom on to these cases. As Pete hinted, at least the shooter wasn't the POlice. If my info is correct, the suspects were fleeing, so that would have been a huge problem. And there would have been a municipality to sue, so Quanell would have really been raising hell in the hopes that he might get paid. Remember the nationalists creed: It's o.k. to shoot your own kind. That's just business.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a news report

and police interview

Anonymous said...

I think he had no right being the hero. I know a crime was being committed, but why don't we all take the law into our own hands.