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by Peter Moskos

July 11, 2008

Nevada ACLU opposes gun control

I've always said the ACLU and NRA should team up. They're both defending constitutional rights. They're just defending deferent rights.

I'm proud to have sworn to defend the Constitutions of of the United States. And I can say in good faith that I did a better job than the President. (I also swore to defend the Constitution of the State of Maryland, but I'd be damned if I could tell you anything it says.)

Whether it's gun control or abortion rights--and I'm for both--people have to understand that just because you like something doesn't make it a Constitutional Right. I like abortion rights, but I'll be damned if I can find it in the Constitution. I don't like guns, but the 2nd Amendment certainly protects something.

In theory, neither the Supreme Court nor the ACLU is political. Of course they both are, but that's another story. Still, I'm happy when either takes a position that supports what they stand for, and not what they want politically.

The next time the Supreme Court rules for or against a law you like, take a step back and think about their interpretation of the Constitution and not just whether you like the law.

So kudos to the Nevada ACLU for defending an individual's Constitutional right to bear arms. Just because I'm against it, doesn't mean it's not a right worth defending. That's the whole point about rights. If we don't believe in the Constitution, then it's just a piece of paper.

Here's the story on the Nevada ACLU and gun control.


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