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by Peter Moskos

July 2, 2008

Tasers for self-defense

Tasers for home use? Guns for police officers? It's not a bad idea.


DJK said...

If someone is in my home, wishing to do me harm..or harm to my family...the last thing I want is a less than lethal "alternative".

That person or persons need/s to be aerated and now....not shocked to make them more angry.

PCM said...

You have a point. After you Taser somebody, you have to deal with them.

On the hand, it's a lot harder to kill yourself on purpose or you family members by accident with a Taser.

DJK said...

Yeah, your taser'd run out of batteries before too awfully long.

If you want to kill yourself, for realsies, you're going to succeed, gun or not.

On killing a family member, by accident, hopefully the user of the gun is of sound enough mind to know his backdrop if having to shoot at an attacker. That's a tough one.

But as far as accidents go, I'd say that people need to wise up and not be such morons, leaving guns around kids...get a safe and teach your children that guns aren't toys and are only to be handled when you're supervising.

There's no shortage of morons in the world...that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

the taser x-26 battery last for 10 years if not used execpt for spark tests..