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by Peter Moskos

August 31, 2008

Guns 1. Criminals 0.

Robbery try at repair shop leaves man dead, police say
August 30, 2008
Baltimore Sun

The owner of a Northwest Baltimore auto repair shop fatally shot a man during an attempted robbery of his business yesterday evening, city police said.

Police spokesman Sterling Clifford said this was the second time that Joseph Goldman has shot someone trying to rob his business. Clifford said he did not know when the first incident occurred or whether the person died. Goldman declined to comment through a woman who answered his cell phone last night. In the most recent incident, two men entered Joe's Garage about 6:30 p.m. and showed a handgun, said Officer Troy Harris, a department spokesman. The owner grabbed his own handgun and fired shots at the men, hitting one. The injured man was taken to Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police did not release his name last night. The second man fled; police were searching for him, Harris said.


DJK said...

I'd actually call that

Good guys 1
Bad Guys -1


DJK said...

Because....the gun didn't do anything it wasn't told to do, they are inanimate objects after all, by the owner. And the owner told the gun to shoot the bad guy.....because the bad guy was ROBBING him.

PCM said...

That's true. Because the bad guys had guns, too.

Anonymous said...

By including this story on your blog, you are showing your intellectual honesty. Even though you aren't a "gun fan" (I'm not necessarily crazy about them either, I just don't support most gun control measures) you are presenting the facts in an even-handed manner, thus contributing more to the gun debate than most commentators. Thanks.

PCM said...

Thanks, Dave. That was my intent. I take "intellectual honesty" as a great compliment. That's what I try to do. Rarely is any issue one-sided. Certainly not this one. Not in this country.

DJK said...

I think the fact that we didn't end up with one or more dead citizens (good guys) is a great thing. The reason we didn't is because the good guy/s had a gun/s.

I am happy to see that the criminal got what was coming. He probably would have ended up a problem for society and then just a debt to society for years to come. He got his come uppance and I'm glad.

That's what happens when you prey on people....sometimes (should be more often though), they're more well equipped than you are and you get killed. Hopefully this will be a deterrent for some up and coming street thugs.

The bad guys will ALWAYS have guns.....no matter what laws the good guys have to follow.

I do enjoy your blog, PCM, and I do agree with much that you have to say. We just don't see eye to eye on this one.

DJK said...