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by Peter Moskos

September 24, 2008

Another reason to legalize drugs

The Agitator has a story about a drug raid gone amok. I had never heard about Ryan Frederick or Detective Jarrod Shivers. There is so much I don't like about this: the war on drugs, a bad CI (confidential informant), a drug raid, and (most of all) a dead police officer. I hate the war on drugs.

Police should not be busting down the doors of American citizens. That's not (or didn't used to be) the American way.

Click here For a complete list of botched paramilitary police raids.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

well, it is the american way now. Originaly invented as a way to keep blacks and hippies weak in front of the law, this cruddy war quickly took a life on its own. With the mafia and the government and public opinion ready to destroy your life - who is the champion willing the self-sarcifise in order to change things? Alas, not me, i'm too soft for this. What i CAN do is show what i stumbled upon. Looks like all the answers are here: