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by Peter Moskos

September 5, 2008

Charges Against Shoved Cyclist Are Dropped

No surprise here. The question is what will happen to the officer.


jeff said...

Hey was just wondering did we ever find out way the Police officer knock the guy off the bike? Here is just a thought, was the guy causing a problem along the route and other officers talking over the radio asking anyone to stop the cyclist?
After all if this was to be true how should the officer stopped the cyclist? The last time I check a recruit program, they do not instruct on how to stop a cyclist?
Just wondering?

PCM said...

He knocked the guy off the bike because he's a dick. Had there been some legit reason, he would have written it in his arrest report. Instead he wrote about how the guy on the bike tried to run into him.

How to stop a cyclist is a good question. There is no good way without risk of injury. As a cyclist, if I had to stop a cyclist, I would kind of grab/bear hub the rider. Hold the rider back while the bike keeps going. This way you're in control of the rider--both to prevent escape and to prevent a falling injury.

If I were a cop, and was ordered to stop a bike (especially for no good reason), I would ask my sergeant, "how?!"

I mean, there's no good way to stop a car, right? You order someone to stop and hope for the best. Pushing someone off a bike potentially approaches the level of lethal force.