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by Peter Moskos

September 23, 2008

Harlem shootings (II)

I did find this buried in the Daily News. Maybe it's all about location. Location, location, location. Or, as they said in The Wire, "wrong zip code."

The newspaper headline is "Fatal Gunfire on Westside." One man was shot and killed. Then in the last paragraph it says this:
The slaying came after a chaotic night in uptown Manhattan. Six people were shot in a series of attacks in Harlem - starting at 8:30 p.m. - on an unseasonably balmy evening. None of the victims was expected to die.
Thanks for the weather report.


DJK said...

So....no mention of the African American Day Parade? Wouldn't want to scare anyone away from attending next year. Hmmm.

PCM said...

The weather was balmy.

But the Daily News doesn't give a damn if people attend the African-American Day Parade.

I think it's wrong zip code. And nobody got killed. If all murders don't make the papers, how can you expect shootings to?

Still the fact that there were six and it was after the parade (and that shooting after the parade is somewhat of a screwed up tradition) does indeed make it a story.