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by Peter Moskos

September 2, 2008

War on Drugs: Mexico

"Tens of thousands protested drug violence this weekend. Many blame the president."

Here's the story by Sara Miller Llana in The Christian Science Monitor .
In August alone, the teenage son of a Mexican businessman was found dead in the trunk of a car, after being kidnapped at a fake police checkpoint; a dozen decapitated bodies were discovered in the southern state of Yucatán; and in northern Chihuahua state, gunmen fired on a dance hall, killing 13 people, including a baby.

Mexicans have long been fed up with the escalating violence. But 20 months after conservative President Felipe Calderón launched a massive military effort against drug violence, the bloodshed has only gotten worse.

Mr. Calderón has scrambled to assuage public outrage, signing a national pact this month with the country's leaders to improve anticorruption measures for cops and form new antikidnapping squads. But the pressure is on.
Read the whole story here.

1 comment:

DJK said...

I wonder how people and politicians alike don't see the connection between this and the "war on drugs". Legalize the stuff and most of this goes away.

Here we agree.