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by Peter Moskos

October 22, 2008

2 Officers Shot in Subway Station

The New York Times reports. The Queensbridge Homes are not too far from where I live.
A man who was being arrested for using a student MetroCard on Tuesday evening struggled with two plainclothes police officers in a Queens subway station and then shot them with the gun of one of the officers, the police said.

The gunman was then shot by the officers’ supervisor, the police said.

“The whole thing lasted probably 45 seconds,” said Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly, who discussed the shooting after visiting with relatives of the wounded officers, Shane Farina and Jason Maass, at Elmhurst Hospital Center.

Officer Farina, 38, who had surgery late Tuesday night, was in critical but stable condition. Officer Maass, 28, was in stable condition and was expected to be released Wednesday morning. The suspect, identified by the police as Raul Nunez, 32, was in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital Center. He told detectives there that he had been afraid that he would be deported if he were arrested.


DJK said...

Hmm.....and he thought that shooting cops would give him a better chance at staying in the country? Well, he's gonna get his wish.

PCM said...

My thoughts exactly. Well said.