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by Peter Moskos

October 15, 2008

Justifiable homicides rise

The story in USA Today by Kevin Johnson.


DJK said...

Nothing wrong with a little justifiable homicide. Maybe the bad guys should have chosen a different line of work.

Well done, armed citizens!
Well done, coppers!

DJK said...

Nothing wrong with a little justifiable homicide. - I mean, it's better than the alternative.

Anonymous said...

"Clearly there is a message out there that citizens may be able to defend themselves" as well, he says."

Well, yeah. That shouldn't be controversial. The police are the second line of defense. YOU are the first line of defense. I don't think the police are even close to reaching their potential due to current constraints (mostly the drug war), but even in an ideal scenario, officers will usually arrive after the fact and involve themselves mostly in investigating the offense, not stopping it.

But here's a caveat. If the rise in justifiable homicides was accompanied by a substantial drop in murders (and other violent offenses), I might feel better about this. One might infer from that scenario that criminals have learned that people will fight back so maybe it's not worth it. I don't think that is the case yet, so my reaction is a bit less festive than that of djk.