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by Peter Moskos

October 13, 2008


But the old-fashioned kind. Against alcohol. In Alaska. Of course it doesn't work. Prohibition never does.

Alcohol abuse and alcohol-related crime is a huge problem in small-town Alaska. After the drinking comes the sexual abuse and rape, often incestuous. A friend of mine is a public defender up there. Oh, the stories he can tell. You know, of good honest small-town values. It's all too common for a guy to get drunk and then stumble into the next trailer and diddle their sister/daughter/niece/old-lady neighbor.

Then the guy tells the cops everything that happened (that is to say, confesses) and can't understand why their lawyer can't get them off ("but eh, all I did was touch her."). Finally they ask for a new lawyer... ha, joke's on them! There are no other lawyers.

Here's the story about failed prohibition from the New York Times.


DJK said...

Insane! Ridiculous! Insriculous!

How do they think that prohibition is going to SOLVE anything???

History....destined to repeat it....and all that.

Anonymous said...

do these drunk guys mess with the hockey moms as well ?? lol

The Erbe's said...

Haven’t we learned that to deem a substance/drink/act illegal that is only pushes the issue under the rug so everything looks nice and tidy? All the while taking the control out of the governments hands to regulate, tax and promote safe use it thrown out the window and all hell breaks loose on the black market trying to meet the demand for the product because the need or want never goes away with the passing of laws no matter how bad the government would like it to.