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by Peter Moskos

October 23, 2008

Shot cops and turnstile jumping

There's more about that here. Also interesting (if it weren't, would I post it?). "Officers Seeking Fare Evaders Often Find Worse Crimes."

And here's a first hand account of the shooting from the L.T.


DJK said...

I think maybe we should make cops having guns illegal... I mean, all they do is get used on themselves.

PCM said...

I know you're being sarcastic... but that's the attitude of many countries where cops don't carry guns.

DJK said...

Like the UK, where people are still being shot by criminals...and now people are being knifed at alarming rates.

DJK said...

Taking that cops gun away from him wouldn't make anyone safer.....except maybe the criminals. It's a horrible idea.

Anonymous said...

Police will always need a weapon that can be used to incapacitate a subject from a distance. If we can develop a truly "non-lethal" weapon (think of the Star Trek weapon that could be "set to stun") then that would be great!

I remember seeing footage of a police officer in the U.K. getting chased by a knife-wielding disturbed man in a crowded downtown area. Eventually, the man was subdued, but that footage destroyed the romantic idea of the "unarmed cop" for me. It's true that there are some very good disarming techniques that all cops should know (I'm attempting to learn them now). But,the coppers still need firearms for the worst case scenario. The gun shouldn't be a big part of policing. It should be thought of as an insurance policy for the officer and for innocent bystanders.