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by Peter Moskos

December 9, 2008

CSI: Real World

I wish more people would realize that the real world is not like TV.

Problems in the Detroit crime lab.


Anonymous said...

"But even if they have a caseload that could choke a horse, that's still no excuse for what went on in this case," he said. "For whatever reason, they chose not to look at all those shell casings."

True dat. Lives are on the line, and labs cannot afford to be sloppy. I've been wondering for some time now if forensic labs, and perhaps field investigators (aka CSI's), should work for an entity outside of the police department to promote objectivity and to discourage being too prosecution oriented. Folks in forensic science often say that they have to affiliate w/ the P.D. for funding reasons, and because they need access to evidence and the investigators, but I think a better system is possible. I think this could work especially well at the state level, as most labs are state-run rather than local.

I'd be interested to hear your opinion on this, Peter. Forensics is an area of interest for me, and CSI is something I may try to specialize in down the line. I think CSI's should probably be sworn, for a varienty of reasons. That doesn't necessarily mean they have to work for a police dept. though.

PCM said...

I defer on this one to you, Dave. I just don't know.