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by Peter Moskos

December 17, 2008

Work Dreams (II)

I went through my field notes. My first dream in which I was in uniform happened about four months into the police academy. But it wasn't a bad dream.

But then about a year after that, after about 10 months on the streets of the Eastern, I wrote this:
Had another bad cop dream. Somebody told me that this guy was wanted. I thought he was the [***] guy that Balto County is looking for. But this guy was a real junkie, oozing pus, guaranteed HIV +. This time I asked a guy to hand over the drugs he had and he placed vials into my hand. Except the vials had little needles on them, and one of them managed to somehow slide itself right through my skin, like a little finger piercing. I just knew I got AIDS from it.

I was a little a bit of a mess in my dream. In the dream, the guy didn’t mean anything bad. I thought it was strange that the needle could have ended up like that. I was riding with [***] and was on the top of the cop car banging on the car how I didn’t want to get AIDS.

This goes along with a dream a few nights ago about shooting someone. Don’t remember too much about that, other than it was justified. I shot the guy 5 times.
Top o' the morning to you, too! Try waking up to that and then look forward to going to work.


Richard said...

Sorry to hijack this post but I can't reach you any other way. When is "Cop in the Hood" going to be released for the Kindle? You previously indicated that your publisher wopuld be releasing it in November. Are they that frightened of having a Kindle version cannibalize their physical sales that they are holding off publication? It can only increase your sales figures.

PCM said...

You could always try email...

I don't know the answer. I don't *think* their frightened of Kindle, otherwise they wouldn't even be pretending to release it on Kindle.

But I too have wondered... Things still work slowly in the publishing trade.