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by Peter Moskos

January 17, 2009

30-pound marijuana brick delivered to wrong address

How come UPS never drops one off on my stoop? Well, maybe it's better that the police don't mistakenly raid my house.

One of my students works for UPS. Not delivering. But in their shipping building. He said (with disapproval) that a lot of his coworkers are street-level drug dealers when they're not on the clock at UPS. So it doesn't surprise me that some get involved in shipping.


BG said...


Anonymous said...

Ah the perks of private mail delivery. Maybe this is a gift program for loyal patronsof UPS. Perhaps my libertarian allies are right about privatizing mail service after all.

One Time said...

I NEVER use my home address for correspondence. I always figured it was good to get all of my police-related mail sent to a mailbox. That way, if a mailman happens to be a part-time crook, all he'll have on me is my mailbox number.

Your post here has added one more good reason to continue using a mailbox.

PCM said...

But I think the fake drug-delivery addresses are picked at random. In this case the package was delivered. As long as you got a house that UPS can deliver to.... Well, it could be you.