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by Peter Moskos

February 16, 2009

Sheriff Leon Lott is an Idiot

Lott is the guy who wants to lockup Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimmer, for smoking mari-ju-wana in his county.

That at least made me suspect that Lott is an idiot. But this picture, of Lott in front of his new "peacekeeper", confirmed it.
Talk about putting the war back in "war on drugs." What a dope. Thinking that a tank is an appropriate civilian police vehicle.

Former Police Commissioner and LEAP member Norm Stamper has a more thoughtful perspective.

[Update from the AP: "A South Carolina sheriff said Monday he won't charge swimmer Michael Phelps after a photo of the 14-time gold medalist showed him smoking from a marijuana pipe."

But eight others have still been arrested. Time Magazine says that 42% of Americans have smoked weed. So let's see... eight down, 302,999,992 to go.

But what's a sheriff to do when there is clear evidence of minor law breaking? Doing nothing is always an option.]


Anonymous said...

An armored vehicle I can understand. The .50 cal on top is a bit hard to justify.

One Time said...

I think the sheriff would have been much happier in the military. He could have posed in front of hundreds of tanks as a general.

PCM said...

I doubt he would have made a good general. Don't forget, the guy is an elected schmuck.