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by Peter Moskos

March 31, 2009

Everybody's doing it

So it looks like Ashley Biden, Joe's daughter, has been filmed snorting coke. So what? Our last three presidents snorted coke! It's a pretty impressive membership list: Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton [correction: Er, maybe not. See comments below]. Didn't seem to ruin their lives.


tim said...

I have mixed feelings about coke. I was a seven-year-old kid, crazy about the Boston Celtics, when Len Bias died of an overdose. That was the first time I ever heard the word "cocaine," and it was on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

That pretty much locked me into thinking it was the worst stuff on the earth, and to this day I have a hard time rationalizing that there are plenty of people who have used coke and continue to do so as perfectly functional people in society. Indeed, I've even concluded I might actually have a finished dissertation if it were legal.

But the word still scares me. Like people whose first trip is a bad one, I guess, I just have a very traumatic relationship with the idea of cocaine.

DJK said...

So what is right... what responsible adults do with their own bodies is their business....what makes this so ironic or hilarious is that her father is the man who coined the term, "Drug Czar" and is a fierce anti freedom politician. He's a drug warrior and anti self defense and I take great pleasure in seeing his very hot daughter snort a little blow. ;)

dave h. said...

How inconvenient for the political class. Have the "youthful indiscretion," or "private, family matter" platititudes been dragged out yet? Is the SWAT team mustering outside the Biden's door? Ah, I just looooove double standards.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton snorted coke?

PCM said...

Oh yeah, maybe not.

I guess I got a little carried away there with the "not inhaling thing."


(but I bet he did!)