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by Peter Moskos

March 4, 2009

I Want My McNuggets!

Or I'll call 911.


Anonymous said...

OK, here's my question. I've gone into a store, say Mcdonald's, and asked for an item. I paid for it. They took my money. Then they tell me that item is not in stock. They refuse to give my money back when I ask, and instead try to force me to take another product.

What should I do?

PCM said...

Suck it up or take it to court.

PCM said...

That being said, police often do mediate in disputes between merchant and customer. We can pick sides, but can't force any money to change hands.

Her real mistake? Calling 911 three times and insisting it was "an emergency."

At some point, both to make fun of the customer and shame the merchant, I might have simply pulled $4 out of my pocket and given it to the lady.