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by Peter Moskos

March 2, 2009

Mexico and the "Failed State"

Spin this all want, drug warriors, it's not good. From Ciudad Juárez. The whole story in the New York Times is here.
It was drug traffickers who decided that Chief Roberto Orduña Cruz, a retired army major who had been on the job since May, should go. To make clear their insistence, they vowed to kill a police officer every 48 hours until he resigned.

They first killed Mr. Orduña’s deputy ... together with three of his men. Then another police officer and a prison guard turned up dead. As the body count grew, Mr. Orduña eventually did as the traffickers had demanded, resigning his post on Feb. 20 and fleeing the city.
“I’m not going to give in,” [the mayor] vowed in an interview, welcoming the arrival of soldiers so that the traffickers will feel the heat even more.
Mexico doesn't need more heat.

How many days left till we win the war on drugs?


buzoncrime said...

I'm reminded of the scene in Battlestar Gallactica where the President tells Commander Adama: "The war is over; we lost".

PCM said...

I just saw that episode a week ago! We've just gotten into the series. Just about to finish season two. Good stuff.

buzoncrime said...

Be careful: that series can become addictive! As though us Baltimorons (You're an honorary one) need another addiction. But I guess it's better than wandering around up at Broadway and Eager looking for some smack.

The series begins to get a little bizarre, but the plot takes such twists and turns that it keeps you watching.

PCM said...

Maybe somebody should start a netflix for crack. You know, when you're done smoking you put the vial in the return envelope and look at your queue to see what drug is coming next. "Ohhh, bodybag! That shit is dope!"

But the real question is how far would we go if the series were illegal? How far into the Eastern would we walk to get our nexxt illicit Netflix hit?

Quite frankly, with Wolfe and Eager all redeveloped, I'm just not certain where to go anymore!

buzoncrime said...

Pennsylvania Avenue in the Central! We had a Bloods General come all the way over from California to straighten our Bloods gangs out. Instead, he thought he died and went to heaven on the Avenue: "a fuckin' gold mine for drugs!" Til he got busted.

I think Fed Ex guys have already tried their version of DrugNetFlix-sending marijuana to addresses, then having a partner pick it up before the people got home. (and other versions, I'm sure.)

Louise said...

The Economist magazine agrees with your stance on legalization: