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by Peter Moskos

March 27, 2009

Police converge in Oakland for funeral

The Oakland Tribune reports on this as does the San Francisco Chronicle: "The funeral will be unprecedented in at least one other respect - all 815 members of the Oakland Police Department are being allowed to attend."

It is set for 11AM.


jeff said...

When a tragedy of this magnitude happens all other things must stop. Police Departments MUST rely on their neighboring to departments to assist them when this type of tragedy strikes. Of course every member of the Oakland Police Department should be given the opportunity to attend the services. In police departments such as Suffolk County and Nassau County, when a tragedy strikes a precinct, other precincts will be assigned to cover the affected precinct, (expect if it was a line of duty death). Oakland is no different; it makes me proud to see the other members of the California law enforcement community stepping up to the plate to help assist their fellow brothers and sisters in the time of need. We all should say a pray for those brave officers and their families.

PCM said...

Hear, hear!