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by Peter Moskos

March 30, 2009

Shot in Drug Raid

Copp was unarmed when a deputy shot him in the chest at his off-campus apartment more than two weeks ago. West Michigan Enforcement Team officers entered the residence on a search warrant.

Copp’s attorney has said “a few tablespoonfuls” of marijuana were found in the apartment. Police have not released any details on what was found in the residence.
The story by Megan Schmidt in the Holland Sentinel.


dave h. said...

“a few tablespoonfuls” of marijuana were found in the apartment"

Wow, hope it was worth it. I'm sure this kid is a menace to society. Probably pullin' drive-bys when he isn't smoking out and listening to O.A.R.. This just gets more absurd and sad every day.

PCM said...

I was amused that his lawyer used a cooking measurement. I guess a few tablespoons does sound a lot better than a couple of grams. Maybe he is into baking.

dave h. said...

Yeah, that was some good lawyering. Baking brownies perhaps? Ok, I'll stop before I get carried away w/ cannabis humor.

Seriously, when all the dude had was a little weed, how much minimizing should the attorney really have to do. In a sane society, none at all of course, but we ain't there yet.

PCM said...

To me the issue isn't whether the guy is a drug criminal or not, but why the hell are police busting down the door.

The fact the military-like home raids have become normal and accepted in America is one of the most disturbing aspects of the drug war.

If you want to arrest this guy, get a warrant for an arrest. If they had probable cause for a search warrant they must have had something on him. Then they could just knock on his door and wait for an answer.

PCM said...

Speaking of cannabis humor, my last comment was posted at... 4:20! Dude!

dave h. said...

Still only 1617 in my time zone dude. You East Coasters have all the fun!

The prior comment was great though. That's how warrants used to be served. In a society where rights aren't being whittled away, that is how government serves process. I read about these raids and I feel compelled to shout, "hey, this is not ok. What are we becoming?"