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by Peter Moskos

April 23, 2009

$100 for taking out the trash

I got fined $100 for putting my trash out too early. And not all the trash. Just the recyclable cans and bottles.

I thought I was doing the can-pickers a favor by giving them a few more hours of daylight to pick out can and bottles for the 5-cent deposit. I got the ticket at 3:30pm. They shouldn't go out before 5pm.

$20 would have taught me a lesson. $100 is real money.

And if I had known I was going to get fined, I would have put out all my trash to at least get my money's worth!

1 comment:

CPM said...

They have trash cops in NYC!! We need that here in
VT, we get people complaining about trash being dumped in there dumpster, (due to the cost) guess who they call, that's right, the police. Can you send me the statue? I would love to give a $100.00 fine to the people that are too cheap to pay at the dump station. We do not have sanitation departments here in the country..