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by Peter Moskos

April 14, 2009

Code 2 1/2

More lights and sirens in L.A. But in this case it's a good thing. And former Chief Bernie Parks shows once again why the rank and file hate him.

The story by Joel Rubin in the L.A. Times.


Andrew T said...

Why on earth would LA have a "one Code 3 per incident" policy? I understand why the rank and file would hate it, but why would the upper ranks ever think it was a good plan? Parks' explanation in the Times article doesn't really make his position clear.

CPM said...

Cops can make good judgements, they do not need civilians making policy on when to use lights and sirens. If ther getting into a lot of collision, then it's time for corrective action or training!!

PCM said...

My problem with limiting to one car going lights and siren is that it simply won't happen. So once again you put cops in a position where they need to break the rules just to do their job.

But in answer to what is going on Parks' mind, I think it's that too many cops get hurt (or killed) crashing into other police cars responding to same incident. It happens all too often.

It is a real problem. Responding to say, an officer down, is probably the most dangerous moment in a police officer's work day. And it's not what happens when you get there. It's getting there.

Still, it can be done safely. And indeed, that is what training should be for.