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by Peter Moskos

April 3, 2009

Coming home to roost

Seems like the drug war is now chipping away at the freedom and privacy of police officers. In L.A., gang and narcotic officers will have to turn over detailed personal financial information. The story.


BG said...

don't they already do that every year when they pay their income taxes?

PCM said...

This isn't just reporting income.

This is turning over bank statements and credit card bills then explaining how you came to own that million-dollar home and fancy car.

It goes beyond report income to catch catch dirty cops.

One of the things when corrupt cops are caught is that very often it becomes obvious that officers couldn't afford their lifestyle on a their legal salary.

Anonymous said...

This has been done in the NYPD for years and hasn't stopped corruption. I don't know what is done with the information though. I suppose once internal affairs
re-arrests someone who gets caught by some other agency, they look at the finacial information and say "Wow, we should have been watching this guy!"

PCM said...

Nothing will ever stop corruption. But perhaps these requirements lessen it. Or maybe they have prevented a culture of corruption from developing in the NYPD.