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by Peter Moskos

April 11, 2009

Man Robs Dunkin' Donuts, Returns to Give Back Money

A man robs a Dunkin' Donuts at (BB) gunpoint in Hinsdale, ILL.
About 24 hours later he returned, confessed, apologized and put the money on the counter, including loose change he'd gotten from the cash register, authorities said. When he realized the clerk did not speak English, he wrote a note that said he was sorry and shouldn't have taken the money.

"He said he felt bad about it," Leuver said.

Holmes tried to hug the clerk but she backed away, Leuver said.
The change of heart, caught by a surveillance camera, didn't prevent authorities from later arresting Alex Holmes, 17, of Hinsdale and charging him as an adult with aggravated robbery.
The story from the AP.

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