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by Peter Moskos

May 7, 2009

Balto Cops Bust Wrong Door, Leave it Hanging

My NYPD students tell me that New York does get the doors they bust down fixed. Not in Baltimore.

Police bust down your door in the course of duty? It's on you. Even if it turns out you're innocent.

Peter Hermann writes:
First city cops bust down the wrong door on a drug raid. Then, when Andrew Leonard tries to get the city to put his door back, the city tells him to forget about it -- Baltimore police may have the wrong house but they had the right address on the warrant. So the raid team didn't make the mistake; the person who wrote the warrant did. Makes no difference as far as city liability goes.

But Mr. Leonard's problems don't end there. After he tried but failed to get public works to pick up his broken door and throw it away, a city in


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