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by Peter Moskos

May 10, 2009

Eastern District Commander Cleared

Justin Fenton reports in the Sun:
A city police commander has been reinstated for active duty after being cleared of wrongdoing in a probe into text messages he exchanged with a community activist who was being sought on a warrant and later allegedly stabbed his wife to death.
The Police Department intends to address "procedural issues" with how the warrant was handled. It did not go through normal channels; instead of sending it to a special domestic violence unit, Eastern District officers who knew Cleaven Williams tried to serve it themselves and gave him the chance to turn himself in.
If you have the guy's phone number and can get him to turn himself in, isn't that worth a try? Seems like a better way to handle a warrant than busting down a door at 5am. And no, it's not rare for community activists to have a direct line to the district commander.

1 comment:

CPM said...

We sometimes call people to the office that have warrants or are about to be arrested for a charge. It worked just a few weeks ago with a guy and a gal.

Called him in for another agency. He came in, thought if was for something else. He had no idea. No fighting no confrontation and he thinks we are the greatest!!! He's an odd ball too!

The gal came in exspecting to pick up paperwork. It was a warrant, she is still confused!!