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by Peter Moskos

May 11, 2009

Gun Control Discussion

If anybody wants to hear a civilized and somewhat intellectual discussion about gun control (outside of reading this blog, of course), check out my favorite radio show in the world: Extension 720. It's broadcast on WGN, AM 720 in Chicago.

I would love to be a guest on the show (if anybody has any connections, work them. My press failed at this simple request). Uncle Milt, as he's sometimes known, is a professor at the University of Chicago and has been doing this radio show for 36 years. I've been listening to him for probably 30 of those years. I started listening to the show as a little kid when it was way above my head. But it often came on right after many away Cubs games, so I would just listen. My father always said it's the highest-brow show on commercial radio. Probably public radio, too. Milt Rosenberg is probably the best radio interviewer I've ever heard (sorry Terry... but I'd love to be on your show, too).

The show I'm talking about is March 26, 2009. The link is here. But hell, they're all good.


Anonymous said...

Real Audio? No can do...

PCM said...

Yeah, you need real audio to play it. Can't help you with that one.

CPM said...

AS I post under "Another gun prevents another crime"

Vermont- no gun control, least amount of gun crimes, More people killed by other means than with guns here. Thats all I have to say about gun control.

CPM said...

And yes, we even have some bad people here from NY, Boston, etc. I think they do not like the cold after one winter!!!