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by Peter Moskos

May 7, 2009

Schwarzenegger wants to debate marijuana legalization

This is huge. While I would like all drugs to be regulated, for now I'll settle for a real debate on the merits of legalizing marijuana.

To me it's a amazing that simply debating such an issue has been taboo. At least until now. Why? Because prohibitionists are going to lose this debate.

I'll give Schwarzenegger props for this one.

The story in the New York Times.

1 comment:

DJK said...

But when's it going to happen? He said that weeks ago... And...who will be invited? People like the asshole on the CATO debate video (works for the .gov) who stated, on the record, that most DUI cases are related to pot?? It's funny how the people doing the inviting always seem to get people that will make their case for them. Just like the gun spot that Jon Stewart just run on "Investing" in an AR... One of the pro gun guys was a friggin neanderthal, thus further perpetuating the idea that all gun owners are Middle aged white males with low income...or other such redneck type descriptions.