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by Peter Moskos

May 6, 2009

Yankee Pitcher's Mom Arrested for Selling Meth

Joba Cahmberlain's mother, Jacqueline Standley, was arrested in Lincoln, Nebraska. Read Tony Newman's take on the situation:
America likes to promote itself as the "home of the free" but, unfortunately, we have the embarrassing honor of being known as the incarceration nation. ... We lock up more people on drug charges than Western Europe locks up for EVERYTHING and they have 100 million more people than we do. ... The way our country deals with drug abuse is the driving force to our incarceration problem. ... By declaring a "war on drugs" we have declared a war on ourselves.
I can't help but wonder how the mother of any person making millions [correction (see comment below): hundreds of thousands] of dollars needs to be selling drugs. I mean, take drugs? Sure. But sell? Like for money? Shouldn't Joba be giving her an allowance, even if it does go for drugs?

My mom reads this blog. I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a drug problem. But Mama, if you need money, I'll be happy to give you some. No questions asked.


Stilgar said...


Love the blog. One quibble: Joba makes 430k a year, since he's still under contract to the team that first drafted him and will be for several more years. Also, the two of them apparently don't get along:


PCM said...

Thanks for the quibble. Apparently, indeed, they don't get along.