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by Peter Moskos

June 26, 2009

Right-Wing Talk Radio

I want to listen to right-wing radio more. To hear what you guys are saying. But it's hard. Public radio is better. And doesn't have all those damn commercials.

I don't mind listening to people I disagree with. Actually I love it. It's boring to preach to the choir. Give me a William Buckley or a Milt Rosenberg or an Andrew Sullivan or a Pat Buchanan. They're all too conservative for me, but they're smart and their intellectual discussions make the world a better place.

My problem isn't with conservatives. It's with conservatives who make things up and then rally against it. I don't like listening to idiot liberals. So why do some conservatives like to listen to idiot conservatives?

I listed to a bit of Michael Savage yesterday but I just can't take him. Not because he's crazy. But because he's full of sh*t.

I'm all for free speech. Let Limbaugh and Savage speak all they want. But it's the listeners I worry about. If you listen, do you really believe what they say or is it pure entertainment? I'm sure Father Charles Coughlin was entertaining too. But he was also scary.

Many hate filled people and groups are entertaining. Just think of the Illinois Nazis in The Blue Brothers.

A laugh riot.... Man I love that movie. But real people who spew hate and lies should be called out, dismissed, and then ignored as best as possible.

Specifically, for starters, Obama is not a fan of Stalin and Nancy Polesi is not trying to turn the U.S. into the old Soviet Union. And I'd be, well, genuinely shocked if global cooling was a bigger problem than global warming (but I can't vouch for that one personally).

But the part of Savage that was really off the deep end of the deep end was when he came out against Michael Jackson lying in state in the capitol rotunda. What?!

Savage was so disgusted with the idea that he promised that if that ever came to be, he would leave the country. I mean, can you believe those communists might honor that pederast in the capitol. Disgusting! Except, of course, nobody has ever proposed that Michael Jackson should be honored by congress.

You can't make sh*t up and then come out against it! Did I miss something?

I'm against Michael Savage torturing puppies and selling their mutilated genitals online. It's horrible. Disgusting. Just perverted. And I'm sure that crap wouldn't be allowed in the old Soviet Union!

1 comment:

Marc S. said...

Well, congress did have a moment of silence for the deceased singer today, which is an honor, but i don't think i remember anyone suggesting he be placed in the rotunda lying in state (shades of Lenin, whose 35ft statue in Prague Jackson replaced with one of his own in 1996).

Regardless, a lot of hubbub for a guy who was never convicted of molesting children. I would think the Obama Justice Department's move to appeal a circuit court ruling that found indefinite detention of sex offenders unconstitutional far outweighs congresses supposedly tacit approval of raping children.