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by Peter Moskos

July 3, 2009

Bicycle Patrol

I love the idea of cops on bikes. Nothing beats the speed and stealth. But I haven't really considered the benefits of paramedics on bikes. A couple of those saved a life in Chicago.
The rescue might not have been possible if not for the paramedics' bicycle team, which can weave in and out of crowded spaces like the Taste with life-saving defibrillators and other medical supplies in tow.
"You can't beat them. They're just invaluable," he said of the team, which is also used to patrol busy downtown areas.

The whole story by Monifa Thomas in the Chicago Sun Times.

1 comment:

Marc S. said...

I've been familiar with paramedic bike squads for a while now. A company i used to run with had a bike team for events and there was simply no better way to operate. I can guarantee they'll be working any number of Independence Day celebrations this weekend. The university I attended also runs a student EMS first response service that is all bike based (there's a lot of bike cops on campus too and, not surprisingly, it's the safest campus in the city despite its location in one of the worst areas of the city)