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by Peter Moskos

July 2, 2009

Police Blogs

Here's a police blogs that seem, at least at first glace, to be pretty interesting.Beat and Release:
To new supervisors, I have the following the advice: Dedication to your troops is what engenders respect. Willingness to back them engenders respect. Putting paper on them and chastising them for very minor infractions shows them you are a company man with no discretion and can't be trusted. Don't break the law or lie for them, but consider the totality of the circumstances in any given situation. I heard one of my guys trying to recruit another officer for the team. His selling point was, "I know he won't go to jail for us, but he will put his ass and his job on the line to keep you from getting screwed over."
And this post: Old Versus New.


Anonymous said...

Beat and Release has a really offensive racial post up today.

Unknown said...

yeah...i just learned while reading Beat and Release that black girls in the inner city are called Shanniquas. oh, and that the majority of inner city blacks are "animals."