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by Peter Moskos

July 2, 2009

Taxed Marijuana In Rhode Island?

There's yet more rationality in the news today!

Let's stop quibbling about decriminalized marijuana for dying people and get to the heart of the matter: legalize, regulate, and tax. That's what they're looking into in Rhode Island. Katherine Gregg reports in the Providence Journal:
The measure poses a number of specific questions for study, among them: “Whether and to what extent Rhode Island youth have access to marijuana despite current laws prohibiting its use. ... Whether adults’ use of marijuana has decreased since marijuana became illegal in Rhode Island in 1918. ... Whether the current system of marijuana prohibition has created violence in the state of Rhode Island against users or among those who sell marijuana. ... Whether the proceeds from the sales of marijuana are funding organized crime, including drug cartels. ... Whether those who sell marijuana on the criminal market may also sell other drugs, thus increasing the chances that youth will use other illegal substances.”

The resolution also cites questions about the “dangers associated with marijuana resulting from it being sold on the criminal market, including if it is ever contaminated or laced with other drugs.”

The panel has until Jan. 31, 2010, to report its findings and recommendations to the Senate.

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