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by Peter Moskos

August 21, 2009


The world of CIs is a dirty world indeed.

Crazy goings on in the St. Louis PD.

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Richard P. said...

Ever since the last police chief in St. Louis got the golden 400k dollar parachute and StL recorded a 30% increase in murders last year, the shirts have been flying.

It is alleged that the chief's daughter was joy-riding impounded vehicles. That led to him getting cut, not the 30 percent jump in murders. Then the other shoe dropped and news came out that cars were being hidden from owners until they could be auctioned off. Some ex-cop got convicted last week for helping out on that little scheme.

On top of that, this story.

But don't worry, the mayor was elected for a 3rd term last spring.

It is almost like living in The Wire.