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by Peter Moskos

August 14, 2009

Washington Post Op-Ed

Stanford “Neill” Franklin and I have an op-ed scheduled to run in Monday's Washington Post. Needless to say, details will follow.

Major Franklin was the commanding officer at the Baltimore police academy when I graduated in 2000. Who would have thought, nine years later, we'd be writing newspaper pieces together?

I don't think we ever even spoke to each other back then. But we ran into other at an SSPD conference in Maryland last year.

[update: probably pushed back till Tuesday]
[update: back running tomorrow, Monday. You drug warriors are going to love this one.]


Marc S. said...

When we had him speak here in Philadelphia, Neill did an excellent job. I received only positive feedback, Neill kept questions on point and controlled the conversation.

Many in attendance now consider LEAP to be the strongest voice for affecting change in the drug war, and I was hoping that was the conclusion they would reach when I booked LEAP for the Libertarian Forum. I look forward to the article.

10-8 said...

Totally unrelated but you might find this celebrity encounter with the fuzz amusing: